Sunday, 13 March 2011

Glentress nearly beat us today!

Reduced to pushing higher up the black route

Where the hell's the track gone?

A snowy descent near the top of the black.

Posted by PicasaBaz goes for the jump!
We decided on Glentress today as the Pentlands looked snowbound and it turned out to be a reasonable choice given that it was only near the top of the black route that snow started to get a bit awkward, involving a bit of pushing at times. We came back down to Spooky Woods from the top of the black to escape the snow and ended up having to cycle back up and do it twice after I discovered I'd lost a light when I'd had to carry out a repair on the bike. The light was discovered, I found a nifty pair of riding glasses, and we added about another 3 or 4 miles onto our trip! The mishaps today :- my brakes playing up in Spooky Woods and Baz's overshoes looking decidedly dodgy as they threatened to fall to bits as we pushed  the bikes in the deep wet snow higher up the track! Just over 18 miles but it felt like 38 !!

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