Sunday, 27 March 2011

The scree slope claims a!


Before it all went wrong

Baz sets off down the scree slope

The result of my unsuccessful descent of the scree slope!

The final humiliating crash!

31.5 miles today up over the Pentands and more than my fair share of spectacular offs! After reasonably negotiating Castlelaw and Black Hill, Baz and I decided that the scree slope was well within our capabilities, well it was for Baz but my attempt ended in near catastrophe with me diving over the top of the bike and it nearly cartwheeling on top of me. Baz, needless to say was doubled up with laughter as I licked my wounds, and there were one or two, and recovered the bike to examine the damage. Luckily there was none (to the bike). On the return journey through bluebell woods I wondered why Baz dismounted at a small gully we usually have no problem with and promptly went straight over the handlebars......must take a slightly different line next time! No lasting damage though to bike or body and as we always say "A bit of blood makes the ride more interesting"!

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