Sunday, 3 April 2011

Clive makes another comeback!

The start of the Castlelaw off road climb, at this point Clive was feeling bad!

20 miles further on and Clive's feeling good, and who wouldn't with this view!

He does the steps to finish things off in style!

With Baz on holiday Clive and I set off at the more civilised time of 7am for a Pentands foray. After being away on business all last week and no great biking having been done in the weeks before, Clive was a bit apprehensive as to how he'd perform today and after the Castlelaw climb he was all for a fairly short trip. We took a trip down a previously unridden track and found it to be quite disappointing in its challenges so decided to go for the West Kip trip which involves a fair bit of hard climbing (and a fair bit more miles as well!). The end result was a 32 miler, both of us suitably knackered, but the satisfaction of a good mornings mountain biking!

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