Sunday, 10 April 2011

Innerleithen-Glentress Loop, not for the faint hearted!

The mobile snack shop at the start of the ride at Innerleithen, I started to fantasise of this after about 30 miles and I'd run out of food and energy drink! Unfortunately the camera went on the blink after this and I didn't manage any more pictures
This trip has been bugging Baz for some time now and with a good weather forecast and a free Saturday we went for it! The first 100 yards or so at Innerleithen are pure torture but after overcoming that we made good time up to Minch Moor.We then had the fast and furious descent down the Southern Upland way to Traquair, along a narrow road and then the agony began, a never ending grassy climb, which come to think of it, seemed to be what we did for the duration of the ride! After eventually reaching Peebles we were then faced with the climb to the mast on the Black route at Glentress where at 25 miles Baz began to cramp (yippee it wasn't me!!). This actually made me feel stronger for some strange reason (he'll never hear the end of this) and the torture continued until the final suicidal descent from the top of Lee Penn down to Innerleithen. The last 1/2 mile along the tarmac road to the car park seemed like heaven, but on reflection, which is always the case, it was an epic ride! The total distance was 35 miles, but felt more like 50!!

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