Sunday, 17 April 2011

Innerleithen to Peebles and back via Southern Upland way and Drove Roads

Baz does the bomb hole!
Back down to Innerleithen this morning bright and early, started at 6.05 am and did the climb to Minch Moor, then the descent on the Southern Upland Way to Traquair. Along the road from there and then the climb up over the hills till we arrived at the old Drove roads that descend to Peebles via Gypsy Glen. The brakes didn't half squeal on the way down though, probably would have been better not to have been of the sintered variety! 18.5 miles to Peebles from the car park at Innerlethen and a hard (apart from that descent) 18.5 miles at that! We returned to Innerleithen by the back road along past Cardrona and the entrance to Traquair House to get back to the car with 26.7 miles  and 4 hours 15 minutes since we left.
The exit from the bomb hole

                                                        The cairn at the top of Minch Moor

Hows that for a view?

Final river crossing at bottom of Gypsy Glen

A couple of bacon butties and Irn Bru to finish things off!

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