Sunday, 22 May 2011

Ten Under The Ben....wettest and windiest ever!

Things looked ominous the night before the race as we drove up to the camp/park site with the snow level lower than any of the previous two races we'd done! The pre race meal was at the Snow Goose restuarant halfway up Aonach Mor, reached by gondola, which swung alarmingly in the gusty wind. Halfway through the meal there was a heavy snowstorm, just the thing you want to see the day before the race!

After about half an hour of sleep on Friday night, interrupted by torrential rain and storm force winds, we crawled out of our rather basic pop up tent, the small blue thingy in the background, to discover we'd nearly been clobbered by a gazebo that had been blown to bits through the night

The Le-Mans style sprint start to the race itself. Somewhere in the throng is Baz, elbowing his way through the runners in the race for their bikes!

In another 20 years this could well be a contender in one of the solo events, I never asked whether it was male or female.
We left the race early, beaten by the weather (and a desire to get home to a warm dry bed) . At the time of leaving we were  second in our class but until the results are posted up we wont know where we eventually finished. Not the best race we've ever done but good friendships renewed and a great experience.
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