Sunday, 3 July 2011

Saturday night/Sunday morning....65 miles in the hills!

Clive successfully fords the burn!

The start of the descent down to Bonaly reservoir.

My bike taking a breather at the Font Stone high in the Pentlands.

You don't get many days like this in Scotland!
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Saturday night Clive and I were out and did a 24.5 miler in the Pentlands with the descent down to the Howe from West Kip being the highlight as usual. Sunday morning and we each had a free pass for the day so it was off at 9.30am for a biggy! Clive's gears started playing up and to be honest the whole drive chain is just on its last legs! However we percevered and did a double West Kip loop to rack up the miles and finished with the fast descent to Nine Mile Burn and the return home via Penicuik Estate and the Penicuik/Dalkeith cycle path . We managed our target of over 40 miles, with the Garmin showing an average temperature of 71 degrees Fahrenheit (virtually unheard of in Scotland!!). Highlight of the days ride was seeing a small green lizard high in the hills, how he survived the winter, goodness only knows. The little blighter was too shy to hang around and get his photo taken and scampered off into the long grass! 
My total mileage for the week off road :-  123 miles.

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Clive said...

You neglected to include your 3 head over heels - 1 yesterday and 2 today. One of the them was a perfect, if not more balletic, repeat of the one yesterday. Just spent a small fortune on a new drive chain, so its into the shed on Tuesday!