Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Great Alphonso Challenge!!

Baz had been boasting to one of his workmates, Alphonso (he's of Italian descent in case you ask!) or Alf for short, of our exploits on the mountain bikes up in the Pentland hills and said he'd like to see him try and keep up with us, to which Alf replied "You wont break me!"
This was a challenge that couldn't be passed by so last night along with three others (experienced bikers by the way) we set off on possibly the hardest route we could find that could be done before all our lights ran out of battery power!
Alf was riding Baz's old Trance which we kitted out with flat pedals and armed with one of my "exclusive twin light helmets" but alas no padded shorts he battled up Castlelaw climb down round the other side, sliding off on the grassy descent and having a few offs through the section that is now wet, muddy and totally manic!
Highlight for me was following him down to the Howe where instead of fording the fast running stream he rode down it until he was in about 2 feet of water!
In truth he acquitted himself fantastically well and to be honest I don't think we did break him, though it was a near run thing, however I do believe he's got the sorest backside in Britain today!!
No was too dark.

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