Saturday, 22 October 2011

It was windy....but at least it wasn't wet!

Does this picture in any way convey the strength of the wind up the Pentlands this late afternoon?

First time I've done this section in daylight for a few weeks and I was a bit more successful today.

Well not totally successful, I did manage to put my foot in one rather deep, muddy hole!

Baz fords the burn with dry feet thanks to his new all singing, dancing, waterproof shoes!
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Baz and I started at the strange time for us of 3.30 pm today and did a successful 27.5 miler. The climb up Castlelaw was helped by a tail wind (always good!) and the ride through the muddy section later on was my best effort for a week or two as it was daylight, I don't seem to have a very good sense of balance in the dark!!
By the time we had finished the lights had been switched on and my riding glasses were greeted with a cry of "like your specs babe!" from a group of girls as we got back to civilisation. Good job it was dark and she didn't get a good view of the "babe"!!!!! 

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