Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cant have been much windier than this morning!

There's actually a waterfall in the darkness at the back of me!

I don't know how Baz can go in shorts with the temperature just above freezing.

Wet and greasy on the descent to Glencorse.

A different waterfall but equally as impressive as the first one!

Wet, windy and generally horrendous weather at 6am this morning when we set off up the Pentlands, we had to stop in the first wooded section to pull a branch that had been blown down off the track. The first hour was the worst with the occasional heavy rain trying to pierce the skin on our faces with the gale force wind, at one point I was nearly blown into a ditch!Why do we do this? Because we're half mad, maybe fully mad, but thats the fun of it, never two rides the same! 25 miles today and a new return bit of single track discovered as well as the waterfall that Baz is pictured beside!

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