Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ice Alert for first time since last winter!

7 am at Glencorse reservoir, calm as a mill pond.

High in the Pentlands.

Me in contemplative mood this morning!

Look at the colour (of the leaves, not Baz's bike!)
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6 am start this morning and a nippy one at that with the temperature a couple of degrees below freezing. A quick climb up Castlelaw soon got the heart rate and the sweat going though and once again we did a bit of new track discovery......but not with much success today, the sheep track petered out and we ended up in a bog! By the time we had pushed and pedaled across to the rightful track our back derailleurs and cassettes were full of heather and long rank grass. We'll not be doing that one again!
27.5 miles completed though so a good mornings biking..... blighted by the discovery that my front mech had given up the ghost. Tomorrow night it's into the garage for repair work (ie replacement!)

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