Saturday, 12 November 2011

What a way to celebrate my birthday!

Roger does the river crossing or "bike wash" as its now known!

Toiling manfully up the last muddy stretch to West Kip
Off out this morning, my birthday, with two mates, Dougie and Roger for a jaunt up the Pentlands with Roger kitted out with his video camera to record me coming off in the mud at some point of the ride! I feel really bad as the only time I did fall off, when a hole in my shorts caught on the nose of the seat as I dismounted, Roger had fallen behind so the moment was lost. It would have been a cracker as I wiped out Dougie and his bike at the same time! The weather made the ride as well, a short rain shower to start with but then clear blue skies later.
Night-time and Clive and me headed back up Castlelaw again for another birthday ride, this time at a more leisurely pace, but we still managed a 15 miler to finish off a good day!

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