Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The calm between storms?

Always liked this little bridge, reminds me of the bridge on the willow pattern for some reason.

The sheep obviously can get a bit embarrassed when getting up close and personal.

I never get tired of this view of Glencorse reservoir, especially today when it was dead calm.

The house known as "The Howe" which stands at the top of Loganlea reservoir, a desolate spot on a wild winter's night!

After the last day or two of gale force winds (nothing to do with the brussel sprouts eaten at Christmas) it was a relief to get a wind free day and with a ride planned for tomorrow when another storm is forecast I decided to get out on my own today and attempt to burn off some of the Christmas calories. I did the 25 mile winter route in the Pentlands which doesn't have just as much mud as some other routes but still has a fair bit of climbing. This was a daylight ride, the downside of which is that there's loads of walkers out as well who don't take too kindly to bikers for some reason, (we're probably getting more miles in than them)!
If the weather does turn out crap tomorrow at least I've done something this week!

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