Sunday, 15 January 2012

There's a first time for everthing (even Baz and Clive agreeing)!

We were hoping for a crash in the icy mud but Clive made it through successfully!

This morning started off with Clive not even being able to get the padlock on his bike shed open but a mixture of de-icer, release oil and some heavy breathing (from me) got it to work eventually! We then had varying degrees of difficulty with frozen derailleurs, Baz's in fact lasted the whole morning, his legs spinning furiously for 4 hours, much to our amusement! I managed to come by a puncture about two minutes after confidently announcing we'd be back home earlier than we thought we'd be. I'll keep my mouth shut next time I'm out, thats the second time that's happened! Slightly different route today with a detour round Harbour Hill before the descent to Glencorse. Just over 26 miles today to bring my weekly total to a modest 50 plus miles.
By the way, Baz and Clive, for about the first time ever, agreed in a political debate (which is quite common on our bike rides!)  that Scotland would be daft to seperate from the rest of the UK, and I must say I have to agree myself!! All this agreement has to stop or the rides will become boooooooring!!!!

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