Monday, 2 January 2012

Too many mishaps today!

Near the top of Loganlea reservoir and its bloody cold!

On the track up from the Howe.

My three riding buddies this morning.

Mishaps aplenty this morning but nothing too serious thank goodness because it was goddamn cold but at least dry. First Clive's chain parted company with his bike and left him pedalling furiously but going nowhere. A joining link fixed that and we were soon on our way again though Clive suspected there was more wrong with his bike, he gets a bit paranoid when he has problems, but he was later proven to be correct! Then Baz developed a puncture and that took up a bit more time with a tube change before we got going again. About 4 miles to go and Clive had disappeared off the back of the other three of us so we stopped and he appeared limping if that's possible on a bike with something obviously wrong. A quick look revealed the front derailleur was broken and causing the chain to rub against the guide making the sound he thought was some catastrophic frame failure (or worse!). He wasn't amused when I told him I thought there was a "LINK" with his chain breaking and this breakage! However we managed home with 24 miles and no crashes on what started out as very icy roads.

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