Sunday, 26 February 2012

A bit of "hike a bike" today

A bit of pushing on the Kirk Road track over to the Howe, we were getting up into the mist at this point.

Roger climbs over the stile in style!!

Baz does the scree slope.

Me doing it as well

Roger does it too, only Clive (who claimed a leg muscle injury) failed to do it today!
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A different route today for a change, cycling along the old railway track to Penicuik, then up to Silverburn and along to the old Kirk Road track over the Pentlands to the |Howe. From there up the valley, down to Threpmuir  and along to Harelaw. Up the 7 steps then down to Glencorse reservoir and back to base for a total today of 27.5 miles (and frost free again!!).
No mishaps to report, though we did hope for one as Roger came down the scree slope for the first time, but disappointingly he arrived unscathed at the bottom!!

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Anonymous said...

It was not failure - I did not try - I was the photographer and adviser!