Sunday, 19 February 2012

Saturday night (well afternoon) and Sunday morning

Dougie comes down the strip to the gate

Roger's just at the back of him.

Me supervising Dougie blowing up my tyre!!

Sunday morning, and a break for a biscuit in the sun at last!
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Out on Saturday afternoon with Dougie and Roger to do the winter loop of 24 miles in the Pentlands and managed to pick up two punctures,(why is it always me?) on the way. Conditions on Saturday were greasy and cold and on Sunday morning when I did the same loop again but this time with Baz and Clive it had changed to bloody cold and icy in bits! Thank goodness no punctures this time though we had to put some more air in the tyre at one point as tube changing at -5 centigrade ain't much fun. As it was Clive's freewheel had its moments with the occasional freeze up, cured by giving the bike a hefty dunt and Baz's gear did their usual freeze up at low temperatures. A big plus from these two trips wearing the new Muddy Fox jacket was that I appear to have lost another 2 pounds in weight, or was it sweat? Anyway I'll soon put that back on with a bit of concentrated chocolate eating this week.

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