Sunday, 1 April 2012

Winter aint over yet!

Demonstrating how to lift  a bike over a barbed wire fence!!

Baz manualing over an open drain. 

Clive about to go over the bars!

With snow forecast in the next few days, winter isn't over yet and when we set off at 6am this morning it was baltic with the temperature at 28 Fahrenheit. An epic was on the cards again this Sunday but we probably fell a bit short of what Baz had planned. He did the climb up Ben Lomond on Saturday which involved pushing more or less all the way to the summit and even some of the descent wasn't rideable (or so he said!).
Apart from a few minor spills things went pretty well today with just over 30 miles in total and over 3600 feet of climbing. The Kenda small block 8s were back on today and though they're pretty worn they held up well on the dry ground we've got at the moment, things could be very different by next weekend!

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