Sunday, 20 May 2012

Roger's new dropper seat post

Roger's bike resplendent with its new dropper seat post

The bike wash going the other way from normal

Baz, Roger and me out yesterday late afternoon with Roger sporting a new dropper seat post on his steed. This is to allegedly contribute to a new record on the descent from Maidens Cleugh to Glencorse but the banter went that if a new record is created it will be tagged with WDS (with dropper seat) as opposed to W/ODS (without dropper seat)!!
My mishap today was a broken chain, which I attempted to put down to raw power but was eventually seen to be old age (the chain not me). Today's job has been renewing the complete drive chain and after a short test ride the difference is fantastic.
We did the winter loop again yesterday and after a week of more or less continual rain halk the time we were either pedalling uphill or downhill in 2 inches of water. Drier weather, at last, forecast for this week and not before time as the Glentress 7 is only 2 weeks away.

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