Sunday, 6 May 2012

Something a bit different today.......

Outside Old Trafford in front of the statues of the three greatest players ever for Manchester United

Posing with the club mascot, "Big Red"

Baz won two tickets for a day of corporate hospitality at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, surely one of the worlds most famous football teams so the choice was.....going mountain biking up the Pentlands or taking this one in a lifetime chance to visit "The field of Dreams" (their words not mine).After about 2 seconds considering the offer we opted for Manchester, the Pentlands would still be there when we got back anyway.
The hospitality was excellent, a three course meal, a free bar which as highly trained athletes(?) we didn't abuse and a close up magician who removed a guys watch without him knowing, I could do with him on my next visit to the bike shop.
The match itself was a bit of a let down, maybe we're too used to only watching highlights on TV and not seeing the boring stuff, but the standard was way short of the Spanish teams we've been seeing lately.
Anyway back down to earth again and back on the bikes tomorrow!

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