Wednesday, 11 July 2012

And I thought it couldn't get any wetter!!

We're struggling to get through the ford these days.

We opted for the bridge rather than cycling through the water pouring over the overflow.

Mark looking a bit dishevelled after two offs into the mud coming down the descent to Glencorse!

We set off tonight at six pm after it seemed to be drying up after another day of heavy rain, just how wrong can you be. After being cunningly lured into the hills the heavens opened and tipped it down on us. Mark and Roger had the sense to have jackets with them but Dougie and me just had to let soak through to the skin, at least it doesn't go any further than that. The tracks are wetter and greasier than they were in the winter, Mark finding that out on the Maidens Cleugh descent and the temperature for the height of summer never even reached 50 Fahrenheit. Apart from utterly crap weather we had a good 24 mile ride with no serious mishaps.

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