Saturday, 21 July 2012

More fun with the Strava segments!

Baz and Roger make it to the top of the Castlelaw climb

Making use of the "bike wash" yet again!

My three co-riders last night,
discussing tactics for the upcoming sprints!!
The weather god smiled on us last night as four of us set off up the Pentlands for a 26 miler in warm weather for a change, so warm in fact that I had to remove my base layer before the second part of the Castlelaw climb, totally unheard of this year! Amazingly after all the recent rain the tracks were reasonable and no-one came off in the mud which was unfortunate as it always makes a good photo! The highlight near the end of the ride was the jockeying for position before the Strava segment known as "the copperbowl sprint" named after the Indian restaurant  nearby. Baz and Dougie had a fierce head to head which Baz ultimately won by one second, becoming the new KOM. After that they battled out again on the "dog dirt sprint", named for obvious reasons, with Dougie coming out on top this time. A great nights riding before I go off for a couple of weeks holidays.   

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