Sunday, 9 September 2012

Baz's birthday bike ride

Top of Allermuir at 7am this morning, pretty chilly at this point!

Baz sets off down the steep descent on the north side of Castlelaw, you don't want to come off at speed down here.

Baz doesn't quite get this ditch crossing right!

The best view in the Pentlands.....

Baz's birthday tomorrow so he got to chose the route this morning (with a few suggestions from me) and it turned out to be a tough 30 miler with over 3000 feet of climbing and some good descending thrown in as well. Four of us out, Clive, Baz, Mark and me. Mark kept up his 100% record with a nifty over the bars on one of the descents but managed to escape with nothing more than a cut pinkie, not much to show for a spectacular somersault! Two weeks to go till the Tour de Ben Nevis and the training's going well (apart from the odd crash)

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