Sunday, 2 September 2012

Is this divine retribution?

My shin after a large stone came up off the front wheel and made contact with it.

Baz mounts the bridge.

Baz's backside's still oversize as it doesn't quite fit the "throne"!!

After indulging in a bit too much alcohol at a birthday party yesterday I was a bit nervous about how I'd react on this morning's ride. However Baz and Clive took it easy on me (thank goodness) and we did a fairly sedate winter loop ride with a little extra thrown in at the end as I seemed to be faring OK!
Only mishap was a fairly large flat stone that got twanged up by my front wheel and cracked me on the shin, accompanied by a loud curse. Luckily it drew blood or there would have been very little to show for the pain! I was wondering......does someone up there punish you for straying from the straight and narrow the day before or .....was it just bad luck? Any hows it's bloody sore!

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