Sunday, 16 September 2012

Last big ride before The Tour de Ben Nevis

Top of Allermuir in a gale with Edinburgh in the background.

Setting off back down Allermuir, fantastic view, (if you've time to look at it!)

Mark and Baz going over towards Glencorse reservoir.

Smallest dog I've ever seen, think it was a miniature, miniature Yorkshire Terrier!!

Horses hold up progress back over the viaduct.

Bad start to the last big training ride before next weeks event, Baz slept in and was severely reprimanded and warned as to his future conduct!! It did give Mark and me time to have another cup of tea mind you and eventually we got going at 6.30am. Right up Castlelaw then Allermuir, nearly getting blown of the top with the wind. Back down to descend the loose surface of the Castlelaw north side with my brake fluid boiling by the time we reached the bottom, (must see about that this week). Then the long hard grassy climb back up again and along to Bonaly gate then down to Glencorse reservoir with no offs this week! Back up the road to the Howe and we decided to cancel the trip to the Skyline, it was raining by this time and things could have got a bit tricky high up and on the descending back down from it. On up the valley, down the Balerno Bonkers tar road, round Threapmuir and Harelaw reservoirs back up the seven steps and a fast and furious descent down maidens cleugh, Mark setting a new record on one of the segments!
28 miles today and if we're not ready for next week we'll never be!!

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