Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saw the sun today....makes a change!

They say the sun shines on the righteous, well it made a mistake today and shone on us instead. Its been a week or so since it last graced us with a visit so we made the most of its appearance today with a 27 miler up the Pentlands on a slightly varied route from normal.
Dougie and Baz attempt to tighten Baz's rear mud-guard, the sun might have been shining but after last weeks rain there was a lot of mud about.

An unusual combination of gloves, apparently he has another pair the very same back home.....

We used to be able to cycle through this bit but after all the rain its turned into a river.

Its all downhill, (more or less), from here till we get back home.

A good afternoons biking with a change of route going down by Bonaly reservoir taking in some rooty sections and some minor back roads till we got back along to Harlaw. No mishaps today but the weeks mileage is going to be down a bit I fear due to the weather, c,mon it has been pretty hellish lately!!!!!

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