Thursday, 8 November 2012

The problems of trying to get a high weekly mileage in Scotland

The first problem (and probably the main one) is the bloody awful weather, especially this year when dry days have been few and far between. Last night we were due to go out a 6pm for the (more or less) weekly mid week bike ride only to find at 5.30 it was chucking it down as if there was no tomorrow. Mark phoned to say he'd have to come along by boat, not really an option, so he called off. I phoned Dougie and being a similar mountain bike nutter like myself we decided to give it a try. Hells teeth, it turned out a great nights riding with only one short shower near the end. The other main problem is the lack of daylight hours at this time of year but with a good set of lights this can be overcome. So come to think of it, there's nothing really stopping me! What the hell am I complaining about?!

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