Sunday, 20 January 2013

About as many offs as ons!!

The snowy slippery climb up to West Kip, I must have come off about 10 times!

Baz will never be nearer going over the bars and getting away with it.

Why he nearly went over....the front wheel went into a drifted over hole!

The view back down the reservoirs today, absolutely stunning (and cold!)

We set off at 6 this morning with about 4 inches of snow on the ground and no idea how far we'd get and as it happened we managed right up and round the side of West Kip because the snow wasn't really British snow, i.e. not wet and soft but dry and fluffy which made it relatively easy to cycle through. The only drawback was it concealed lots of hidden frozen ruts and the odd sheet of ice which meant there were even more offs than normal, particularly in my case! In the end we managed 25 miles with fingers that needed defrosted as the temperature was about -5 c most of the time!

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