Sunday, 10 February 2013

Brass monkeys this morning!

Baz gazing contemplatively(?) into the distance!

This could have been what he foresaw, a broken chain repair in about the coldest spot in the Pentlands!!

Not often you see sheep wading through freezing cold water, rather them than me...

6 am this morning and it was flickering snow but it never really came to any more than that. After bumping (not literally) into a squad of soldiers out on exercise halfway up Castlelaw, hardy buggers these guys, we cycled/pushed to the top of Allermuir and wasted no time in turning round and scooting back down again, it was too cold to hang about up there! The route was roughly the same as last Sundays with the odd little bit extra thrown in. Baz had his weekly chain snap but we were better prepared this week and soon had it fixed though the fingers took a while to thaw out afterwards. Just over 28 miles today and I personally cant wait for a bit warmer weather.

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