Sunday, 3 February 2013

Gale force winds, broken chains, just a normal Sunday morning ride......

A bit of shelter at Harelaw for an energy biscuit, (and we needed it after the struggle on Allermuir)

After a bit of foul and abusive language we got the chain fixed!

Off at 6 am this morning and the wind was howling like a banshee, at least it had stopped raining though. There were still patches of ice lurking, hoping to catch us out and higher up into the Pentlands they did once or twice. We did the full Castlelaw climb today and after surviving nearly being blown sideways at times we went for Allermuir as well. This was where the wind really came into its own and the frozen ground as well added to the "fun"! When we turned at the top of Allermuir for the descent the wind blew me into the fence before I'd managed to get right onto the bike and the whole way down was a battle against the wind and patches of ice (good fun actually!)
The biggest mishap today was Baz's chain snapping, it had broken yesterday when he was out alone and is obviously buggered, but with the usual mixture of bad temper and arguing as to the best method of repair we had it fixed reasonably quickly!
Just under 28 miles today and I doubt if we've been out in a stronger wind.

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