Sunday, 24 March 2013

Another one down the 29r road......

Clive aboard his new steed.

And off he goes into a freezing Easterly wind!

Clives new bike arrived eventually this week after several slightly threatening e-mails to the web site supplier and promises from them that everything would turn out OK. And so eventually it did, and when it was pulled shiny and very white from its huge cardboard box it was a nice looking bike! It's a Fuji Outlander 29r with  high spec components and makes his bike shed even more overcrowded than it was before as his two little girls each got new bikes as well this week. Single handedly he's saving the bike industry from the worst effects of the recession!
This morning the new bike made its debut up the Pentlands in bitterly cold weather and not a few icy patches of frozen snow as far as the Howe. On the journey back down from there we both suffered severe "brain freeze", it was so cold but the first ride was good and I look forward to a pedal on it when the risk of putting the first scratch on it by coming off on ice has receded! 
And into the bargain my new furry lined waterproof boots made their debut as well!  

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