Tuesday, 2 July 2013

First walk the dog then out on the bike!

Baz's dog, Rebus, looking suitably disgusted at being told to pose for a picture.

Clive leading the way......

First of all this morning it was dog walking duties with Rebus, Baz's pooch who's on holiday with me, actually it's Baz who's gone to sunnier climes for a week (that wouldn't be hard) and the dog's being fed, watered and walked by me. So at 5.30am it was out to see if Rebus would do his duty, and he duly did, in the long grass at that. By 6.30 Clive was out and we were off up the hills for Clive's last ride before his holidays. Considering it was mid-summer in Scotland the weather could have been worse, it could also have been better, but at least it was dry, what more can you ask? 25 miles ridden and for the next two weeks its going to be Sunday morning solo rides for me.

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