Saturday, 24 August 2013

Over the hills to Glentress, round the Red, then back over the hills again!

Mark and I set off from Carlops at 9 am but first Mark had a phone call to make.

After meeting up with Dougie on the road over the Melvins we eventually arrived at the pitch black old railway tunnel that leads through to Haylodge Park in Peebles where we stopped for a pie (or two!) at the local bakers. With this excellent piece of mountain biking sustenance inside us we biked out of Peebles and up Janet's Brae to tackle the Red Route at Glentress!

Dougie in front of Mark as we neared the top of the Spooky Wood descent.

Marks problem with his deflating tubeless tyre started just before this rough bumpy descent at the bottom of Andy's fume which has cut up really badly since the last time I rode it.

Dougie at the bottom of Andy's Flume just after Mark had come down, I managed an over the bars moment further up but escaped with only a damaged ego.

Back down at the cafe it was decided that rather than keeping blowing up the tubeless tyre only for it to go soft the best thing to do was put a tube in it. It was then I discovered I had a puncture as well, bollocks!!!!

The end of the ride back at Marks house and he treated us to a Mad Max barbecue, though by the look of the smoke the house appeared to be on fire!
A great days riding with 53 miles covered and over 5000 feet of climbing to keep the training going for the Isle of Man End to End race!

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