Monday, 9 September 2013

Isle of Man End 2 End, talk about mishaps......

It's 6am and it's lift off from Mark's house in Carlops in heavy rain for the journey to the ferry at Heysham, what could go wrong?!!

We eventually reach Heysham ferry terminal after the Landrover has numerous coughing fits coming down the M6, at times we nearly drove down the hard shoulder we were going so slowly!

Safely aboard the ferry for the 3.5 hour crossing to the Isle of Man with a woman in the seat in front of us attempting to cough her lungs up nearly the entire journey!

A seat beside the Isle of Mans most famous former resident, Norman Wisdom, there must be more photographs taken here than anywhere else on the island.

We were transported to the start at the north end of the island in luxury coaches and then at the finish, back to Douglas again at the end of the race when we were caked in about an inch of muck, bet the cleaners did a bit of moaning valeting the coaches out after that!

The bikes arrived at the start in articulated lorries, a really well organised event. 

Lining up before the start of the event, the only criticism of the entire event was the 1.5 hour wait in the cold wind at the start.

A bit of a mishap on the way home, a puncture on the M6, being parked on the hard shoulder trying to change a tyre is an experience I wouldn't  like to repeat.

Mark took it all in his stride, this guy is just totally unflappable!

More on the event itself later, I'm still knackered !

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