Sunday, 6 October 2013

To go tubeless or not to go tubeless, that is the question....

The thin latex layer that was as much use as an ashtray on a microlight

Clive and Baz repair the "tubeless tyre" with!

Baz's journey into the world of tubeless tyres has so far not been a roaring success, more a roar of distress. Today he pulled up with a soft rear tyre and after an unsuccessful attempt to re inflate it ended up putting a tube in. This was accompanied with the usual oaths about the quality of sealant the bike shop that did his tubeless had used. The upshot was that once we'd got back to base we did a quick jaunt into a local bike shop and discovered they had no Stans No Tubes but had some Specialised Tire Sealant. he bought this but described it later in similar terms, which I cant repeat, to the original rubbish that was in the tyre. He's now ordered the Stans from the internet so until that arrives (and works) I'll remain unconvinced about the efficiency of tubeless bike tyres!

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