Sunday, 17 November 2013

An early morning phone call from Mad Max

Mark and Baz get up close and personal, well it was quite cold.......

Along the side of Threapmuir Reservoir

An early morning view over a calm Threapmuir Reservoir, this could all change due to the weather in the next day or two.

One more climb to go then it's nearly all downhill (thank goodness)

Baz, Clive and me were off from the house at 6am and boy it was chilly, me picking my first thorn up of the new hawthorn hedge cutting season and finding that the tubeless tyres seem to work as after I pulled the thorn out there was a brief hissing of air and then......silence the tyre sealed! Can this be the answer to thorn punctured tyres, I certainly hope so. 6.30 and my phone rings, who the hell is this I think, has her indoors discovered I've  forgotten to switch off the kettle at the plug or some other phobia she has about electricity running amok in our house? No, its Mark, he's decided to surprise us with an early morning visit to join us on the Sunday morning Pentland ride but thought it was a 6.30 start. However he met up with us in about 5 minutes by car and after much abuse about late starts etc. he was ready and the four of us set off up into the hills. For the time of year conditions were really good and the frost in the ground meant that it was reasonably firm as well. Over 28 miles done today and over 2500 feet of climbing and back in the house by 10am in time for sausages, fried eggs and rolls!  

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