Monday, 4 November 2013

Snow on the distant hills, and Clive makes a welcome return.

Baz in the front at the water crossing and Clive further back approaching the spot he went over the bars 3 weeks ago!

Up towards the 7 steps and the "saddle" at the top of Maidens Descent, and the wind was in our backs for a change.

Off at 6am yesterday morning into a howling gale which thankfully eased off a bit after an hour or so. Clive made a return after a couple of weeks or so absence after coming off and injuring his hand. So what did Baz and I do but take him back up the same part of the track to confront his demons and happy to say (or was it sad, for it would have made a good picture) he made it past his nemesis with no problems. From high up in the Pentlands we could see snow on the top of the Grampians (I think) a sure sign that winters on its way and the summer shoes and gloves wont be out again for a good few months. 25.5 miles and apart from a bit of faffing around with my front "tubeless" wheel which needed a tube (dickhead) there were no mishaps!

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