Sunday, 15 December 2013

6000 miles reached....and passed!

This was, more or less, where the 6000 miles for the year distance was reached, appropriately high in the Pentland Hills and cold enough to leave a brass monkey embarrassed. As if by magic a dog walker appeared and took the photo of the  three of us hardy souls who were there this morning, pedalling furiously into a gale force wind.

A moment of concern which turned rapidly into one of mirth when Mark came off on a smooth bit of tarmac doing a manual over a speed bump. Luckily there was more damage to the road than there was to Mark or his bike and he lives to cause more carnage on the trails up the Pentlands!

I managed to reach the 6000 mile mark for the year this morning on a windy bike ride up the Pentland Hills with Baz and Mark there to witness it. For a change it wasn't me who came off today but Mark, who managed a quite spectacular crash at high speed doing a manual over a speed bump on what turned out to be a very greasy road! No animals (or Mark and his bike) were harmed in this incident......

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