Monday, 6 January 2014

Over the hills to Carlops

Mark arrives to begin the trip

We met two other bikers halfway up the valley from the Howe

A photo taken with the self timer high in the Pentlands (and bloody cold!)

The finish at Mark's house and a bit of bike hosing down.

Mark was just back from a skiing holiday and suffering from a heavy cold but insisted the pre-arranged ride over the Pentlands to his house at Carlops should go ahead. Baz couldn't manage but Clive was there to make up the numbers for the Strathpuffer training ride and in suitably cold wet weather we set off my house at 10am. At times we hit ice on the track and on one occasion Dougie nearly came off when a walker decided to walk straight over into his path. A hard slog up in the hills but we made it to Carlops bang on time and were rewarded with a terrific afternoon in Marks house. A great big thanks to Mark's wife Susan for welcoming us into her house after just returning from holiday and a good training ride into the bargain.

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