Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Emergency rear mech hanger to the rescue!


A combined effort in the dark to fix the problem!

Four of us out last night, a day earlier than usual because of the weather forecast for tonight, which turned out to be correct by the way.Approximately halfway round and there was a crack at my back wheel and the pedals locked up. Whether it was a loose stone that caused the problem or just wear and tear from an encounter with deep mud at the top of Maidens Cleugh about a month ago I'll never know, but the rear mech hanger broke leaving the mech hanging like a corpse on the gallows. First thought were "bollocks, this is going to be a long walk home" and then I remembered I had not one but two old slightly damaged hangers in my back-pack. The rest of the gang came back to help and with the usual combination of foul language (mainly from me) and wisecracks form the rest of them we managed to get the broken one removed and another hanger installed. I didn't manage to find all of my 27 gears on the rest of the trip but there were enough to get me round and home again and after an inspection in daylight today the bank balance is going to be depleted yet again to remedy the situation.....could have been worse....I could have had to walk the 10 odd miles home!

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