Sunday, 27 July 2014

Way too hot for me.....

Still going strong here as we reached the top of the Black Trail at Glentress

Don't know who stays at this magnificent house miles from anywhere but whoever it is isn't short of a penny or two.

Clive descends the final bit of a tricky downhill section

A hard as nails Geordie we met in Innerleithen who, along with his mate was heading for the Southern Upland Way on a heavily laden touring bike on skinny tyres!

Baz ended up with no rear brakes after some speedy descending and decided on a change of didn't help much, but at least Clive got a bit of sunbathing in during the stop!

Baz, Clive and me decided on an epic ride from Glentress up over to Caberston then down to Innerleithen, along to Traquir followed by the trek over the hills via the old drove road back to Peebles again. Unfortunately we picked what must have been the hottest day in the Borders of Scotland for a year or two to do it and I for one was wilting badly near the end of the journey! still we got through it and I suppose in a day or two it wont seem as bad as it did at the time! I cant believe I'm complaining about too much heat in Scotland!!!

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