Thursday, 29 January 2015

Back to ice and snow again

The start of the week and no snow to be seen, but trouble a plenty with the rear wheel and tyre which I think I've eventually fixed.

Today and there's snow and ice with the temperature below zero again.

At least the sun was shining today and daylight is lasting a bit longer.

A bit of track I've not been on for over a month.

The start of the week saw last weeks' snow all gone and a ride I did on Monday to meet up with Dougie up the Pentlands was punctuated with numerous stops to blow up the tubeless rear tyre which had to eventually get a tube in it to get me home. That problem was resolved that night when I discovered my rim taping had been a bit slapdash, which isn't unusual for my work, and a bit of remedial trimming appears to let the tyre bead sit tighter into the rim now (fingers crossed!)
Wednesday was a no go with wet snow showers non stop throughout the day but today, Thursday, the weather has improved, really cold but dry and sunny so a short ride was in order.Conditions have turned icy again so it looks like the spikers will be back on for the week-end.

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