Monday, 27 April 2015

Summer, Winter, which is it?

The summit of Allermuir and the temperature is -4 C, is it any wonder we don't look too happy?!

The sun hasn't reached this bit yet and the frost is still thick on the ground.

Clive had a puncture but at least he picked a spot where the sun had reached!

Last stop of the morning and at least it's in the sun and sheltered from the wind.

Last week we sweated in the sun and nearly threw our winter togs back to the bottom of the drawer but what a change over the week-end with temperatures dropping to below freezing. The trails are still in great condition though even if there was a little rain. Sunday mornings trek took us up to the top of Allermuir via Boghall which is guaranteed to get you sweating whatever the weather! A great morning's biking and here's hoping the trails stay like this for the rest of the summer,( whenever that's happening!) 

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