Sunday, 24 May 2015

An embarrassing picture....

Before he would extract me from my bike Baz took several embarrassing photos of me and proceeded to post them on Facebook (the swine!) 

Right over Castlelaw today and a short rest before the grassy climb back up to gain some height again

The weather was beginning to clear as we headed down to Harlaw.

Not far to get home now.

Off at 5.30am this morning and the difference in temperature from yesterday was obvious right from the start, down from 18C to nearer 5C and light rain at first as well. This soon dried up and once we got into the hills and did a bit of climbing we soon warmed up. Main priority for me this week is to get a new 22 tooth granny ring, my old one was suffering chain suck and I replaced it with a 24 tooth one that was lying in the garage but 2 extra teeth make a helluva difference on a long hard climb so a new one has been ordered! An unfortunate fall today on a short sharp climb when I stalled, put my foot down and discovered there was nothing to stand it on, Baz only made things worse by insisting on photographing me before he untangled my legs from the bike. Over 29 miles today with lots of climbing and descending into the bargain.

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