Thursday, 14 May 2015

Home decorating and mountain biking don't mix too well!

Home decorating's been the order of the day and in order to gain some kudos I've been a good lad and got on with it, not without some grumbling mind you.....

Out last night for some fresh air away from the paint fumes and Mark and Dougie spoil a good view of Edinburgh from a vantage point up in the Pentland Hills!!

Dougie coming down the Torduff Descent at a fair rate of knots chasing Mark.

Time for a short breather and a biscuit!

Home decorating, what man likes doing that? It's something that has to be done especially when the threat of getting a professional in to do it is mentioned and the cost of that is taken into consideration. Hells teeth, I could buy another bike with what he would take to do the work, mind you he'd probably be a lot better at it. Last night was a night off so it was up the Pentlands for the Wednesday night foray with Mark and Dougie. The wind had dropped from the day before but the temperature was still at best only 5c, there wasn't too much sweating at that temperature, still a good ride and nearly 40 miles for the day. 

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