Monday, 8 June 2015

A big mishap......a big crash!

My bike lies facing the wrong way while Baz conceals his mirth at my crash, I'm actually taking the picture from where I landed!

A self timer taken about an hour before the crash.

This was about 5 minutes or so before and was the usual compulsory picture taken at the top of West Kip

The top of Scald Law and the crash 20 minutes ago has been forgotten about, well nearly.........

The Sunday morning trip up the Pentlands was one I wont forget for a while, the riding up to West Kip was pretty uneventful but from the top of West Kip onwards along the Skyline the wind just got stronger and stronger. I blame the wind on the descent from East Kip for blowing me into a deep rut, Baz blamed my poor biking skills! Probably a combination, anyway I went over the bars and landed on my face nearly wrecking my new riding glasses and managing to cut my forehead in the process! The bike by the way was fine and after a minute or two to come to my senses so was I! The strength of the wind was unbelievable at times it must have been the north westerly direction as it hit the hills that caused it. Back at the foot of the hills it was like a different world with no wind to speak about!A bit of camouflage had to be applied to the cuts and bruise to fool her indoors or life wouldn't have been bearable, its not the first time this ploy has been used! 25.5 miles ridden and over 4.500 feet of climbing so a good mornings riding with a good bit of bragging rights about the injuries as well!

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