Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kathy in training for her first off road triathlon

Out with Kathy a couple of weeks back, it had been a week or two since she last did some off road stuff.

Up the Pentlands today for some tougher trails and we met up with two other girls out on their bikes.

Kathy who stays near me is an endurance runner who fancies a go at triathlons now. She's entered a race at Oban in September which has an open water sea swim (brave girl) and a mountain bike stage. She's a good roadie but lacks a bit of courage on the rougher stuff so I've be going out with her up the Pentlands and slowly but surely we're doing slightly more difficult terrain. She's obviously following in my footsteps (or should it be pedals?) as she fell off twice today but no damage was done! I'm sure by September she'll be ready for anything!

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