Saturday, 1 August 2015

This must be the worst Scottish summer since..........last year....

There have been the odd good days.....unfortunately few and far between!

Mark doing the water crossing which is slowly day by day getting deeper

Kathy, who continues her training for her first triathlon was out with Clive and me last night

A selfie type pose at the top of Maidens Cleugh, it came on rain just after that!

It's been a rotten summer in Scotland, the blame being heaped on the jet stream which is almost permanently lodged over northern France instead of the north of Scotland. Never the less I've managed to somehow or other keep biking over 100 miles off road every week, surviving a hail storm up the Pentlands today with the Garmin showing the temperature at 6 Celsius, I managed to find a little cranny to shelter in while the worst of it passed over. I still got soaked though! Clive has just come back from holidaying in Grand Canaria where temperatures were consistently in the high 30s Celsius, he must really be feeling it!

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