Monday, 6 February 2017

Never the twain shall meet......well they did today!

Came across this roadie today who rejoices under the name of Black Wind on Strava. He'd unfortunately had a chain snap going up the Bavelaw road climb and like all good roadies had forgotten to strap his spare bike onto his back! Having been caught out myself on the odd occasion I now carry quite a comprehensive supply of spares and was able to fix the 10 speed chain with an old KMC 9 speed link, ( being a thrifty Scot I wasn't going to put a new 10 speed one on!!)  The chain appeared to have been submerged in black oil for about 3 weeks by the state it was in, I think I should change my Strava moniker to Black Hands now. Anyway it was good to do a fellow biker a good turn on a cold day and show him we Scots aren't all miserable nationalists, (we're just miserable!!) 

Soon after the broken chain nonsense Kathy was charging through the river crossing like a woman possessed!

Sunday morning with Baz at the side of West Kip and we both managed to stop shivering in a mini snow shower long enough to get a selfie taken.

From skinny tyres to fat tyres and a biker I met just up from Harlaw on his fat bike. He gave me a ride on it but as he was about 10 inches taller than me I never really managed to come to terms with it, however he wasn't able to cycle through a particularly gluey muddy section further up the track and failed to convince me that the future is fat, I'll stick to my 2.35s for now!

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