Sunday, 21 May 2017

Leg power v horse power v electric power

The sign says it all "The Magical Bluebell Wood", at its very best just now!

Along the side of the River Esk near Lasswade

Deep in the heart of Bluebell Wood!

An irate biker who thought his cross bike was able with its flimsy tyres to tackle the sharp stones on Castlelaw, he was a bit bad tempered so I didn't have much sympathy with him! 

Round the side of Harbour Hill and I encountered two people with riding helmets but only one horse between them!

On the track up to West Kip I came across more horses, this time with a rider on each of them, seems like an easy way to go uphill!!

Met this Brad Pitt lookalike(?) who assured a doubtful me that he was off to catch some fish

The top off Hare Hill this morning and it was certainly no heat wave up there!

From here on its mostly downhill and a tail wind into the bargain, things can only get better!

A week in which I was offered the chance to participate  in an ebike trial which I turned down simply because if I had an hour on an ebike I reckon I'd never be really happy on an ordinary mountain bike again! I met a few horse rider as well but the cost of buying, feeding, stabling and generally maintaining a horse makes buying the occasional part for a mountain bike relatively cheap, so at the moment it's going to continue to be leg power!  

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